L’APOTHÉOSE will be resident artists in the 19/20 season of the “Centro Nacional  de Difusión Musical”(CNDM) – a unit under the National Institute of the Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), belonging to the Ministry of Culture and Sports – whose act took place on June 13 at the National Music Auditorium in Madrid with the presence of the members of the group, the director of INAEM, Amaya de Miguel; and the director of the CNDM, Francisco Lorenzo.

The ensemble composed by Laura Quesada (Baroque traverse), Víctor Martínez (Baroque violin), Carla Sanfélix (Baroque cello) and Asis Márquez (historical keyboards) were very enthusiastic about this recognition, which will involve 10 performances presenting 5 different programs in the next CNDM season. As resident artists, L’APHOTÉOSE will take their music to Colombia in September 2019 (two concerts at the International Festival of Sacred Music of Bogotá), they will tour in Italy – co-production with the Instituto Cervantes – in November (Palermo, Rome, Naples, Milan), also a tour in Spain in May 2020 (Madrid, Oviedo, León) and during this month they will also participate in the ‘London Festival of Baroque Music’.

“We are deeply grateful for the trust that an institution as prestigious as the CNDM has placed in us. In addition, we feel very identified with his spirit because L’APOTHÉOSE is a space for reflection and experimentation that aims to bring historicist interpretation to its highest level of excellence. This residence is a great stimulus to continue spreading our music in Spain, Europe and Latin America, ”says Asís Márquez.